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The gift of sight is precious…and at John Rose Eyecare we are dedicated to monitoring, preserving and enhancing your eye health. Using the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment, supported by a dedicated professional team, you will receive a personalised and trustworthy eyecare service, ensuring your peace of mind.
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John Rose Optician standing in front of an instore reading glasses display in Kingston upon Thames

John Rose Eyecare is an independent, technologically advanced optometric practice for a different kind of client - one who expects more, both in clinical expertise and in outstanding client care. Unlike some high street chains, you will always be seen by a senior optometrist who will take time to get to know you and try to answer any questions about your eye health or eye care products.

Why you should book your next eye exam at John Rose Eyecare:

  • Clinically bespoke, precision eye examination tailored to your specific needs
    We use the Spectralis OCT 4D scanner which can measure the smallest changes in your eyes over time to 1/1000 milimeter at every visit. We will keep all your records in order to compare current scans with past ones to identify any changes over time. The result is a truly 4-dimensional eye health check, time being the fourth dimension. The Heidelberg Spectralis OCT 4D scanner is the same equipment used onboard the international space station to test astronauts’ eyes!
  • A relaxed, welcoming non-clinical environment
  • Unique range of optical frames and sunglasses not normally found on the high street to reflect your personal style
  • Your spectacles will be glazed with the latest technologically advanced and arguably the world’s best lenses from Zeiss
  • Payment plans available
  • Professional Service and Expertise
  • Peace of mind when it comes to your eye health
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Astronaut having an eye examination on the Spectralis Oct 4D HD scanner - International Space Station. Image: www.nasa.gov

Better vision means enhanced quality of life

20-20 vision does not mean perfect eye health. Similarly, a comprehensive eye health check isn't just about a new pair of spectacles or contact lenses. To maintain good eye health and vision, on the recommendation of the College of Optometrists, it is important to see an eye health-care specialist at least once every two years as an adult. One in two cases of sight loss can be avoided through early detection and rapid referral for treatment.

Fees & Care Plans

We offer care plans from £11.90 per month and bespoke packages for all your eye care requirements. You are also able to purchase an eyecare Gift Voucher for the Spectralis 4D HD Eye Examination.


John Rose Eyecare was shortlisted for the 2013 Kingston Business Excellence Awards. Read what some of our clients have to say.

Eye Health

We offer specialist clinics for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of specific eye conditions.


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