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Contact Lenses

We supply an excellent range of the best contact lenses on the market, ensuring we have the most suitable selection for your specific needs. 

Perhaps you have tried elsewhere but have had problems wearing contact lenses? Now might be the time to try again. It’s worth giving us a call.

We provide a complete fitting service and we will ensure that you know exactly how to insert and remove your lenses correctly before you leave the practice with your prescription. 

At John Rose Eyecare we are also able to offer ortho-k EyeDream Overnight Vision Correction to some of our clients. 
Contact lenses are available as soft disposable, gas permeable (hard), multi-focal, and also for complex prescriptions such as astigmatism.

Contact lens technology continues to make tremendous advancements which means that the choice to wear contact lenses is now a viable possibility for more people than previously, even if you have dry eye or astigmastism. 

The availability of disposable lenses means that children now also have the choice to wear lenses thereby enabling them to play the sports of their choice without damage to their spectacles.Our staff are extremely patient and experienced with working with children.
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