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We were shortlisted for the 2013 Kingston Business Excellence Awards. This is what some of our clients had to say.

Cutting Edge Technology

“I am pleased that John Rose Eyecare has been identified as a center of professional excellence in the area of eyecare. I have been a patient for over 10 years now and am always impressed with John’s professionalism, know-how and cutting edge technology that you would not necessarily expect in Kingston Upon Thames in a modest setting. John’s advice is thorough, tailored and honest whereas his solutions are problem-orientated with the customer’s needs and abilities at heart.” 


State of the art equipment

“State of the art equipment – Mr Rose is always more than happy to explain its technology which is a huge investment for a small business. Patients must be aware that John Rose Eyecare is not your average opticians!”


Patience shown at all times

“A great deal of time and patience shown at all times, even when things are busy.”

I could not imagine going elsewhere

“I was first seen by Mr Rose as an emergency on the recommendation of my colleague back in 2007. I had lost a contact lens and was due to fly out on holiday to India the next day. I could not bear the thought of coping  in the heat in my spectacles. Mr Rose miraculously sorted me out for my trip, and I have been a client of his ever since.  The fact that I no longer work in Kingston, but still travel in for my appointments I think is testament enough to the service provided by Mr Rose and his team. I could not imagine going elsewhere. I remain amazed by the cutting edge equipment used, the thorough and detailed examinations and the careful explanations provided at each appointment.”


A high level of customer service and professionalism

“I have always had and continue to receive a high level of customer service and professionalism when attending the eyecare centre.” 


Passion and knowledge

“As a John Rose customer for some years and with a complicated condition with my eyes, I respect and appreciate the passion John and his staff have for their business and their customers. I feel that I couldn’t get better care, better equipment or more knowledgable advice. They are always helpful. I was originally referred to John Rose by a hospital consultant and whenever I have been referred by John Rose to specialists they all speak highly of his knowledge and attention to detail. I trust the care of mine and my family’s eyes to John Rose and his staff.” 


The best possible outcome

“Two years ago my partner received excellent and speedy help when he developed a torn retina. The quick diagnosis and referral by John Rose Eyecare resulted in the best possible outcome and his sight was restored. I have learned more about eyes than I thought would have been possible since going to John Rose Eyecare and have greatly appreciated the intensive care that I have received at my annual appointments. Each time I go there seems to be another diagnostic test added into the session and I leave feeling confident that my eye care is in the best possible hands.” 


A great sense of humour and wonderful with children

“My son, aged 9, mentioned that he could not see the board clearly at school. I immediately booked a routine eye exam at John Rose Eyecare. From that moment on we received only the most sensible, practical and comforting advice with a bespoke eyecare plan and a wonderful choice of junior specs. John is always able to impart the latest facts and statistics on recent scientific research and studies with regards to children’s sight. I have wholly entrusted my son’s eye health to John Rose. What’s more, my son genuinely enjoys his visits to see John who has a great sense of humour and is wonderful with children (and adults!)” 


Personalised Service

“You must be one of the last independent retailers in Kingston….it seems I have been a customer for 18 years now, just because I like your no-nonsense approach, the personalized service and you never over-charged me or tried to sell me something I did not need.” 


A brilliant opticians

“I came back as a customer to this optician after a few dreadful experiences with two other big name opticians who gave me incorrect advice and prescriptions. Since coming back to John Rose I have had excellent service and advice, never had to wait past appointments times and staff, even at busy times, have always been courteous and helpful….I have never seen such sophisticated equipment before; indeed had never been tested on them before and feel very confident of the results. John Rose Eyecare are a brilliant opticians and deserve any accolades and awards going. My thanks to them for looking after me over the years.”


Why you should book your next eye exam at John Rose Eyecare:

  • Clinically bespoke, precision eye examination tailored to your specific needs
    We use the Spectralis OCT 4D scanner which can measure the smallest changes in your eyes over time to 1/1000 milimeter at every visit. We will keep all your records in order to compare current scans with past ones to identify any changes over time. The result is a truly 4-dimensional eye health check, time being the fourth dimension. The Heidelberg Spectralis OCT 4D scanner is the same equipment used onboard the international space station to test astronauts’ eyes!
  • A relaxed, welcoming non-clinical environment
  • Unique range of optical frames and sunglasses not normally found on the high street to reflect your personal style
  • Your spectacles will be glazed with the latest technologically advanced and arguably the world’s best lenses from Zeiss
  • Payment plans available
  • Professional Service and Expertise
  • Peace of mind when it comes to your eye health
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