LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim

Iconic. Understated. The original Danish design. The LINDBERG air titanium rim collection is a true testament of the original Danish design. An aesthetic that composes of clean lines, beautiful engineering and embraces the properties in materials used, is the expression of LINDBERG’s ideals of timeless and minimalistic design.

While taking into account the advancement of technology, LINDBERG’s designers have revisited 1992, where the LINDBERG air titanium rim was debuted and upended the eyewear industry with its groundbreaking lightness, durability and understated style. The iconic frames adopt a stylish edge by evolving vintage motifs of distinctive outlines, aviator shapes and double-bridges. The refined look is composed of the thin titanium wire structure where minimalism in material and design is evident. The air titanium rim collection also offers styles with acetate inner rims and side-shields to establish contrast and depth suitable for the fresh-faced and fashion-forward.

The LINDBERG air titanium rim is truly understated, embracing the purity of titanium and stripping nonessential parts to construct streamlined and functional design. Made entirely of thin titanium wire in bountiful colour options and featuring LINDBERG’s patented spiral hinges, every frame is a statement about minimalist aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship.


LINDBERG is the embodiment of Danish Design. Every frame is made with a minimalist approach without screws, rivets or welds. The result is ultra-lightweight eyewear that keeps on revolutionising the industry with award-winning designs and innovative technologies.

A part of what makes LINDBERG standout is the modular system that allows end users to customise every element of their frame to suit their personal style and needs. Each unique LINDBERG frame is individually crafted and hand-finished by eyewear specialists. Everything is made using responsibly sourced and exceptionally long- lasting materials including titanium, gold, platinum and diamonds.

The values of LINDBERG were formed by the founder, optician Poul-Jørn Lindberg, and today his architect son, Henrik Lindberg, carries on the family business with the core philosophy of: Innovative design made with uncompromising quality.

The original danish design