Thomson Eye Tracking and ReadEZ Colour Screening

Around 1 in 5 people are thought to have dyslexia, Meares-Irlen syndrome, visual stress or any other language processing issue.

May be, when reading words appear to move, be reversed, blend together, or even jump around the lines. For example, the letters ‘b’, ‘p’, ‘d’ or ‘a’, ‘o’, ‘e’, ‘c’, ‘u’ can appear to be the same, making consistent reading much harder. Some words can even look scrambled.

It has been found that reading with a coloured overlay can improve reading ability compared to traditional white backgrounds or computer screens. Thomson Eye Tracking and ReadEZ Colour Screening assessments are run simultaneously to provide quantitative as well as qualitative statistics showing definitive improvement.

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John Rose Eye Care offers a unique Thomson Eye Tracking ReadEZ Colour Screening package that can be combined with a Comprehensive Eye Health Examination or Private Sight Test. The assessments are performed by trained staff in a relaxed professional environment appropriate for all ages.

A Thomson Software report will be generated upon the completion of the assessments.

Note, colour screening and eye tracking assessment takes place upstairs.


Note, we do not offer any in-house therapies (e.g. behavioural therapy) or diagnose specific conditions related to language processing. We provide a concise but comprehensive assessment in just one appointment that is an excellent follow-up service to other assessments that may be provided via education, health or private systems.

STAFF MEMBERS CONDUCTING ASSESSMENTS ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK, CONCLUSIONS, OPINIONS OR DISCUSSIONS. It is also recommended that for the optimum results, the parent is not with a child whilst they undertake the assessment.