The Importance of Sun Protection: Ensuring the Right Sun Lenses for Children and Adults

We hope that you are enjoying the many benefits of sunshine as we delve into an important topic that affects us all – sun protection for our eyes. With the summer season upon us, it’s crucial to understand the significance of wearing the right sun lenses, equipped with UV-blocking and polarizing properties if preferred, for both children and adults. Let’s explore why investing in proper eye protection is essential and how it can contribute to maintaining optimal eye health.

At John Rose Eye Care, we are deeply committed to promoting eye health and comfort. As part of our effort to raise awareness about the harmful effects of UV radiation on our eyes, we are offering a complimentary MP-eye 3-minute session to all our patients ( normally £30) CLICK HERE TO BOOK

This 5 minute session provides a comprehensive assessment of the macular pigments, which act as natural sunglasses for our eyes, absorbing blue-violet light and safeguarding our retinas. By undertaking in this measurement, you will receive a personalized score indicating your macula pigment density, which is closely linked to the risk of developing macular degeneration in the future. Rest assured if your score is not optimal we can advise you on the simple things you can do to improve your score.

Now, let’s delve into the importance of wearing the right sun lenses. Whether you’re a parent concerned about your child’s eye health or an individual looking to protect your own eyes, choosing the appropriate sunglasses should be a top priority. Here’s why:

  1. Shielding against harmful UV radiation: Prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to various eye conditions, including cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis (sunburn of the eyes). By wearing sunglasses with UV protection, you create a barrier that shields your eyes from these harmful rays, reducing the risk of long-term damage.

    2. Protecting delicate skin around the eyes: The skin around our eyes is particularly sensitive and prone to sun damage. Wearing sunglasses with proper coverage helps protect this delicate skin, reducing the chances of wrinkles, sunspots, and skin cancer.

    Enhancing visual comfort: Glare from the sun can significantly affect our vision, causing discomfort and even temporary blindness. Sunglasses with polarized lenses effectively reduce glare, allowing for clearer and more comfortable vision, especially in high-glare environments like beaches, snowy landscapes, or while driving.

    don’t forget to wear your sunglasses when you go out even when it is not sunny – check the UV level on your weather app.

    When it comes to selecting the right sun lenses, consider the following factors:

    UV protection: Ensure that the sunglasses you choose provide 100% UV protection. Look for labels indicating UV400 or 100% UV protection to guarantee the highest level of defense against harmful rays.

    Polarization: If you frequently engage in outdoor activities or find yourself in environments with intense glare, opt for sunglasses with polarized lenses. These lenses effectively reduce glare, enhancing visual clarity and reducing eye strain.

    Fit and coverage: Sunglasses should fit comfortably on your face, providing ample coverage to block out sunlight from all angles. This prevents harmful rays from entering through the sides or top of the sunglasses.

    At John Rose Eye Care, we take pride in offering a diverse range of sunglasses that meet the highest standards of quality and eye protection. We work with Zeiss Sunlenses for the ultimate in sun protection. Our collection includes renowned brands like Tom Davies British eyewear, Vann Italian sunglasses, Lafont and Paul & Joe, the stylish Dutz brand with polarized sunglass lenses, and the iconic Maui Jim sunglasses – not forgetting the popular frames with sunclips that can be prescription glazed. We can customise for you.

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