Enhancing AMD Care with AI – Q&A with John Rose Optometrist

At John Rose Eye Care in Kingston upon Thames we are committed to leading the way in age-related macular degeneration (AMD) care, by being the first Optometric Practice in the UK to adopt the RetinSight AI software. This innovative technology is not just about leveraging AI; it’s about significantly enhancing the AMD treatment journey – as an objective tool for diagnosis, monitoring, treating and measuring the efficacy of the VALEDA LDS treatment we offer for dry AMD (Again a world’s first at the time in 2019 in offering this treatment in practice). Here’s what this unique technology means for you when you come for your comprehensive eye health examination.

Q: What led John Rose Eye Care to adopt the RetinSight AI software?

A: Our commitment has always been to provide leading eye health care by incorporating technology that adds value to early diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. Recognising the potential of AI to transform AMD management, alongside Heidelberg Spectralis OCT, MAIA Microperimetry, and Metropsis Assessment Software from Cambridge Research, we saw RetinSight AI as a crucial enhancement or the final piece in the jigsaw for our diagnostic, monitoring  treatment and efficacy capabilities. RetinSight AI objectively analyses the OCT scans enabling us to detect early structural changes along with identifying “slow or fast Progressors”, thus transforming the consultation and the treatment pathway.

Q: How does RetinSight AI fit into the existing AMD assessment protocols at your clinic?

A: Here at John Rose Eye Care, we have a unique and comprehensive approach to AMD assessment that includes using Cambridge Research Systems Metropsis for functional changes, Heidelberg Spectralis OCT scanning for structural analysis, and MAIA microperimetry for detailed assessment. The data from these sophisticated tools feed into the RetinSight AI software, which supports our analyses of the rate of AMD progression and the effectiveness of treatments.

Q: Can you explain how the RetinSight AI software enhances the diagnosis and follow-up of AMD?

A: RetinSight AI uses advanced algorithms to process the detailed data from the OCT scans we collect; by assessing both structural and functional aspects of the eye, the software accurately evaluates disease progression. This means we can promptly discuss results at your consultation and plan any monitoring, intervention, referral and treatments precisely along with monitoring post treatment results, with in-person or remote consultations; ensuring all our clients are updated immediately with their AMD status.

Q: What makes John Rose Eye Cares approach UNIQUE in the treatment assessment and treatment of AMD?

A: What sets us apart is our holistic approach to AMD treatment. We do not rely solely on one method of assessment but combine several advanced technologies, as detailed above, to get a comprehensive view of the eye’s health. This multidimensional analysis helps us in creating personalised treatment and monitoring plans that are much more effective.

Q: What is the impact of introducing AI into your practice?

A: The introduction of AI is transformative. We have always researched for innovations that have real purpose and effect on our patients, their diagnosis, treatment and outcomes with effective prompt referral; where relevant. It has increased our diagnostic accuracy and enabled us to better understand and manage AMD. Our patients benefit from more personalised care plans and have access to the latest evolving technology in AMD assessment and treatment, which ultimately  results in enhanced quality of life – which is our aim – healthy eyes, vision and engagement in life for all of our lives for as long  possible.

Q: Looking forward, how do you see AI evolving in the field of optometry?

A: AI is set to further disrupt as it is in fact already disrupting optometry in a positive way  of course –  by allowing early AMD detection and making diagnostic processes more precise and measuring if treatments are effective and if so how effective. As AI technology advances, we anticipate it will become an integral part of many more aspects of eye health care, improving outcomes for patients across a spectrum of often debilitating and life changing conditions.

At John Rose Eye Care, we’re excited about the possibilities that AI brings to our practice and to our patients. We are proud to be pioneers in integrating such innovative technologies into eye health care, always aiming to improve patient outcomes and lead the way in AMD treatment – by collaborating with such innovative companies and individuals who are also dedicated and committed to eye health and vision throughout life, we are privileged to work with them and the community who are taking courageous and often seemingly disruptive steps to pursue the goal of optimum vision, health and wellbeing.

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