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What is Photobiomodulation ?

Light & Colour

The history of using light and colour for health and healing has gone back thousands of years - virtually all ancient civilisations used sunlight or coloured light in healing.

In 1903, Dr Niels Finsen of Denmark received the Nobel prize for Medicine for his work using concentrated “light radiation “ - though his pioneering work was eclipsed by the advent of the pharmaceutical industry in the early part of the century.

This is the effect that various wavelengths of light have on our tissues - it has been known for over 50 years since the pioneering work of Dr Endre Meyer at the Semmelweis Medical University in Hungary - however it is only relatively recently that we have begun to understand the mechanisms of action and the potential benefits - the most intriguing of which and potentially the most exciting is the effect of red and near infra red light on Mitochondria and the production of energy at the cellular level , that may have a beneficial effect of slowing down and maybe to some extent even reversing the ageing process!

The NovoTHor is able to treat the whole body at the same time

Photobiomodulation is currently being used in many areas of medicine - there are many photo-therapy devices that have been FDA approved for various applications involving wound healing, pain reduction and aesthetic procedures in medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy and veterinary and oncology - however this is mainly with the use of hand held devices that only treat a small area at a time and is time consuming and difficult to treat larger areas - the NovoTHor is able to treat the whole body at the same time.

With the recent developments in technology and the appearance of LED technology it is now possible to offer photobiomodulation treatment using "cold" light sources tuned to the beneficial wavelengths but with no adverse effects.


The treatment takes between 15 minutes - we currently allow 30 minutes per booking to allow for changing.

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Published on 15 Mar 2015
United Nations Headquarters (New York) presentation to the Global Health Impact Forum, 6th May 2014 by co founder James Carroll. This 15 minute video starts with an overview of Photobiomodulation and low level light therapy as it relates to THOR Photomedicine.

Redevelops muscle, restores motion to joints, reduces oxidation and when used as adjunct to exercise can help combat obesity.