Private Sight Test

This appointment is suitable if you need an up to date spectacle prescription when you require new spectacles and are not experiencing any other eye related problems such as headaches, dry eyes etc. This appointment type is NOT suitable for children under 16 years – a full comprehensive eye health examination is recommended. The Private Sight Test appointment includes two parts: Pre-Test (Ultra-widefield imaging of fundus with Zeiss Clarus 500, Chronos Binocular refraction , Zeiss VisuFit1000, Zeiss i-Proflier, HEP Visual Fields full threshold and Reichert Ora3G pressure check ) and a 20 minute Consultation with our Optometrist to determine your spectacle correction, to optimise your vision at all distances and an examination of the outside and the inside of the eyes. The Private Sight Test appointment takes up to 1 hour. The fee is £95. A £45 deposit is required for new clients to confirm your booking.