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John Rose Eyecare is an independent, technologically advanced optometric practice for a different kind of client - one who expects more, both in clinical expertise and in outstanding client care. Unlike some high street chains, you will always be seen by a senior optometrist who will take time to get to know you and try to answer any questions about your eye health or eye care products.

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“The gift of sight is precious…and at John Rose Eyecare we are dedicated to monitoring, preserving and enhancing your eye health. Using the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment, supported by a dedicated professional team, you will receive a personalised and trustworthy service, ensuring your peace of mind.”

John Rose B.Sc (Hons) Optometry & Visual Sciences

John Rose has been nominated, anonymously by a client, in both 2014 and 2015 for the Macular Society Optician of the Year Awards.

John is an Optometric Faculty Member at the Heidelberg Engineering Academy.

Meet John Rose, Kingston Upon Thames' premier optometrist, a visionary in eye health and wellbeing. With more and more technology as his wand, he’s been bringing the world into focus for the past 30 years and he doesn’t plan on blurring the lines anytime soon. Not just your average optician, John is a self-proclaimed "Mitochondriac," obsessed with the powerhouse of the cell and how it relates to eye health. He’s on a mission to highlight the connections between health and vision.

Born in 1961, John hails from the proud halls of an old boys school where camaraderie and rugby molded him into the team player he is today. Whether he's diagnosing or strategizing on the rugby field, he brings precision and passion to everything he does. You can always expect a new gadget when coming for your next eye examination …Off the clock, you can catch him watching other fit young players tossing the ball around, reminiscing about the good old days of mud, sweat, and tackles.

But it's not all eyes and rugby with John. This man has an appetite—for food and life! A culinary explorer at heart, he believes every meal is an adventure, and he's always on the hunt for his next favorite dish. Ask him about his latest culinary expedition or the newest recipe he’s whipped up, and you’re sure to see his eyes light up (with 20/20 clarity, of course).
When the music starts, good luck keeping him seated. John is a dance floor dynamo. From elegant ballroom swirls to spontaneous kitchen dance-offs, he believes in the power of a good boogie to uplift the spirit.

But what truly sets John apart is his unquenchable thirst for learning and innovation. Always on the forefront of optometric advancements, he integrates the latest in eye care technology with a personalized touch, ensuring his patients not only see better but live better.

If you find yourself in search of an eye expert who’s as passionate about your vision as he is about mitochondria, rugby, and the zest of life, look no further. John Rose isn't just an optometrist; he's a lifestyle enhancer, ready to bring your world into sharper focus.