Myopia Control

John Rose has been involved in myopia control for over 15 years and has successfully slowed down the myopia progression in young adults and children with the off label use of soft multifocal contact lenses.

There is now considerable evidence that if a child is less than +0.75 Dioptres long sighted by the time they are seven years old ( Zadnik et al 2015 ) and that if their parents are short sighted ( Myopic ) then they will most likely develop myopia themselves (Jones-Jordan 2010).

Most children once they develop myopia will progress at the rate of around -0.50DS per year - until they stop growing…. Myopia control soft multifocal lenses have been proven to slow the rate of myopia progression by around 59%.

What does this mean in real terms? Well if you have a child presenting as a -1.00 myope at say aged seven then it is likely that they will end up as around a -6.50 myope by the time they are 18 if we fit with spectacles or single vision contact lenses. However , if we are proactive and fit with a multifocal soft lens then we may be able to control the myopia - if we halve the rate of progression then they may only end up as -3.75 DS - a considerable difference in outcome.

It is now understood that high myopia (over a -6.00) means that you or your children are more at risk from developing GLAUCOMA and RETINAL DETACHMENTS - so it is not just about reducing the spectacle prescription but also a long term medical outcome.

Soft contact lenses are safe for children to wear successfully and there is robust evidence that children are less likely to suffer adverse events that adults! ( Bullimore 2017 )

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