Spectralis 4D HD Eye Health Examination


Our Service to You

"I trust the care of mine and my family's eyes to John Rose and his staff."

We look forward to welcoming clients of all ages including children at John Rose Eyecare.

Our service to you is focussed on providing an outstanding level of personal client care in a relaxed and welcoming non-clinical environment where we utilise the most advanced equipment in the eyecare industry combined with our professional expertise.

Everything starts with the Spectralis 4D HD Scanner…..we offer a range of eye examinations starting from an annual eye test through to specific conditions that might be affecting your eyes.

What does this advanced testing mean for you?

  • Early Detection
  • Accurate Diagnosis
  • Rapid Referral for Treatment
  • Peace of Mind
  • The Key to Protecting and Saving Your Sight

At John Rose Eye Care we provide Gold standard testing including the Spectralis 4D HD Comprehensive Eye Health Examination. Glaucoma monitoring, and Macular Degeneration monitoring and treatment, ( Valeda Light Delivery System - a world's first) Contact Lens fittings, teaching and aftercare relevant to your clinical and lifestyle needs.

In order to provide the best possible eye care solutions, we have invested in some of the world's most innovative diagnostic equipment available to date. – We use The Spectralis Optical Coherence Tomography – which helps us get a true dynamic view of your eyes. It allows early detection of any anomalies or irregular activity that standard equipment and a routine sight test would not detect -i.e. The Spectralis OCT measures change in microns not millimetres!

We are a fully independent organisation and we have no funding from 3rd parties like the NHS. This means we can use equipment that far surpasses the technology found in a high street or franchised opticians.

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