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What your NAD+ levels regulate

What your NAD+ levels regulate

NAD+ is often referred to as the ‘fountain of youth’ and this is because it is so critical to cellular health. ⁠⁠

NAD+ is found in all living cells and powers so many of the critical processes our bodies rely on to function.


⁠⁠NAD+ is so important for cellular health, so how can you increase your NAD+ levels?⁠⁠

There are several strategies you can implement in your routine to boost your NAD+ levels, including:⁠

– Exercise
⁠- Intermittent fasting
⁠- Reduce things that can negatively impact your DNA health, such as smoking⁠- NAD boosting supplements (those which utilise a whole-system approach and address the root causes of NAD+ decline)
– Ensuring you get enough sleep
⁠- Eating a nutrient dense diet


What happens when your NAD+ levels decline? As you get older your cells struggle to compensate for the lack of NAD+ and you begin to feel the effects.

Some of the key signs of aging such as reduced energy levels and stamina, decreased strength and performance in the gym, reduced cognitive function are linked with NAD+ decline.

Which is why boosting your NAD+ levels is so beneficial.

Benefits of increased NAD+

There are so many functions across the whole body which rely on NAD+.

That is why increasing your NAD+ levels has whole body benefits.


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