Dear John

I received such good news today and I want to share it with you. Just got back from seeing my ophthalmologist and the OCT scans showed marked improvement in my macular degeneration.

Last July my retina specialist said the druzen had diminished and this time, he said it was unusual to see this kind of improvement and he said the only thing he can think of to account for the improvement is the photobiomodulation treatment I received in England last November.

Hopefully, once COVID has been contained, I’ll be able to return to your office for additional treatments. The work of you and your staff is very much appreciated.

Thank you

Thank you for the attached….and for the service provided yesterday which I found to be very professional and polite.

I would have no hesitation in recommending J.Rose and colleagues to others in future.

Thank you once again.

Thank you very much.

For looking after me so well yesterday. It was a truly professional service delivered in a very pleasant and friendly manner. Regards


I came to visit John after I had broken my foot and had some persistent aches and pains.

I was a little skeptical at first, but I’ve been seeing John as an optician for nearly 20 years, and I trust his judgement implicitly.

I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. After only one session I felt that I had more spring in my step – quite literally – and the aches and pains had subsided.

I will definitely be investing in the full 10 sessions as soon as possible.

Thanks John!

So thankful for this experience.

Definitely felt difference after 2 sessions and helped me go through my operation. 20 minutes of relax and happiness, when you are really taking care of yourself, physically and mentally.

I’ve had problems with chronical pain and nothing was helping,now thanks to John and Christine, found something what makes big difference.

M. V.

I have used the Novo Thor whole body pod and I must say it works.

I definitely feel more energized after each session. By the time I get home at the end of a long day I am able to do so much more. In fact I have also noticed an improvement in my sleep. I am pretty sure the red light is related to this.

A. M.

I didn’t believe I will get naked when I come today at John Rose Eye Care – I. W.

I tried the PBM bed for long term lower back pain, which has not responded to manipulation over the years.

Over the 20 plus years that John Rose has looked after my eye health and that of my family I have been impressed with his continual quest for knowledge and his investment in the very latest equipment.

I know that he has meticulously researched this machine.I also know that he and some of his staff have used it themselves to great effect on a number of ailments.

I have now had 12 sessions and I can honestly say that I felt lighter after the first session and even better after the second.

I gradually noticed that bending movements which would normally trigger pain, such as filling a supermarket trolley, emptying a dishwasher etc., were becoming easier – as though my spine had been oiled inside !

Many Osteopaths have treated me for inflammation and quite a few have refused to use manipulation, as I have been too inflamed to benefit.

The PBM bed works on the mitochondria, reducing inflammation at a very deep level.

And….it works.

I feel sure that it has all kinds of other benefits and as it feels a bit like lying on a beach in the sun (but without the sun burn!), what’s not to like as winter closes in ?

C. L.

Me and my new glasses

Lazy ? Mean ? Definitely misguided.

I’ve been good at updating my reading glasses, but for some reason neglected my office pair.

Then they were irretrievably damaged and John told me I’d not updated them for nine years, no wonder my eyes and head were getting tired. Splashed out on a pair of Tom Davies frames and updated office lenses, brilliant. They’re a comfortable to wear. I can work much better and because of the variable lenses I don’t always have to take them off or peer over the top when I need to get up from the desk. Thanks team for getting them to me so quickly and making them such a good fit.

Quality of Customer Service

“The quality of customer service at John Rose Opticians is outstanding. People often use the word ‘expertise’ to describe opticians but it is no understatement to say John Rose Opticians combine the highest level of expertise and the friendliest customer service I have ever experienced. The staff are consistently kind and always really positive. They are also highly trained in the most recent technological innovations having invested in high-quality scanners and Photobiomodulation. The Photobiomodulation I found a really great experience. The Practise is one of the few in Europe to be equipped with such amazing technology. I have really felt the benefits to my general health & well being. Such investment underscores their refreshing policy of treating patients in a holistic manner.”

Sean Power

Frame Styling to suit your lifestyle

“First of all, a big thank you for introducing me to the gorgeous range of specs frames and helping me to select two most beautiful frames that I’ve owned so far! I absolutely love wearing them with pride and they’re so very me!

I also like to say a big thank you for the lovely service I was given and special thanks to Nicola for her patience! I know I take ages to make up my mind☺️”