I didn’t believe I will get naked when I come today at John Rose Eye Care – I. W.

I tried the PBM bed for long term lower back pain, which has not responded to manipulation over the years.

Over the 20 plus years that John Rose has looked after my eye health and that of my family I have been impressed with his continual quest for knowledge and his investment in the very latest equipment.

I know that he has meticulously researched this machine.I also know that he and some of his staff have used it themselves to great effect on a number of ailments.

I have now had 12 sessions and I can honestly say that I felt lighter after the first session and even better after the second.

I gradually noticed that bending movements which would normally trigger pain, such as filling a supermarket trolley, emptying a dishwasher etc., were becoming easier – as though my spine had been oiled inside !

Many Osteopaths have treated me for inflammation and quite a few have refused to use manipulation, as I have been too inflamed to benefit.

The PBM bed works on the mitochondria, reducing inflammation at a very deep level.

And….it works.

I feel sure that it has all kinds of other benefits and as it feels a bit like lying on a beach in the sun (but without the sun burn!), what’s not to like as winter closes in ?

C. L.